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We're Brokers, not specialist or subject matter experts, we leave that to the vendors responsible for their products.  Our duty is to support you, manage your needs, and to ensure adequate vendor participation and representation from the solutions you're interested in.  We work directly with the vendors through distribution channels that ensure that the vendor themselves conduct any relevant demo's, engage in the proper tech-talks, conduct standard support & maintenance involvement, etc.  While the experience is vastly different, the process is virtually the same as if you called the vendor, except you don't need the pushy vendor salesperson.​
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It's not magic, it's just artful supply chain logistics met with a trusted confidant who understands how to guide you through your options and is an advocate in your corner.  Firstly we look to understand your needs, then we pair those with a brief breakdown of potentially appropriate vendors. From there we look to give you some high-level ballparks, arrange demo's, and render official pricing.  The process for you is largely the same as with buying direct, except for the major fact that we are unbiased and truly want to sell you what's best for you, and having proven that value, continue to sell further solutions to your organization.
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" Buyers are consumers first. And their experiences as consumers influence their B2B buying behavior. They’ve rapidly come to expect personalization, transparency and immediate fulfillment "

'Knowing is half the battle'.  Sometimes you know what you know, just need help knowing what you don't.  What the best? What’s right? What's the cost? We hear these all the time.  Getting started with Softlyze is easy. Simply reach out for contact and we will work to introduce you to a responsible broker who can meet you where you're at.  We'll look to collect some basic info about you, your role, the current technical landscape, interest areas or pain points on your current technology stack and back our way into an exploration effort centered on helping provide you options. 

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Whether it's connecting people with products, or products with a purpose, our job as software brokers is to make meaningful connections on behalf of those we are serving.  We are quick to listen and careful to provide advice, as our job is not to sell you a particular good but to connect the right good back to your needs.
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