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1.  What is a Software Broker? 

3.  Our Past Defines Us.

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What is a Software Broker?




Our Past Defines Us

Talks cheap; Vendors speak of partnership with their buyers, however often times they voluntarily turn over staff forcing new relationships.  At Softlyze, we wanted more for our clients.  We wanted a way to better connect and to stay engaged.  We know the traps, intentions, and motives the vendors implore to lure and effectively close you and wanted to get off the hamster wheel of selling one product to the next.
As a broker, we can offer so much more assistance and have the felxibility and freedom to tell you truthfully our opinions and deliver you trusted recommendations and insights without the vendor bias.  We're no longer salespeople, we're enterprise software brokers.  Selling is simply our past.


It's As brokers we are building a book of business thats both repeateable, and reliable.  We are motivated to aid your needs with whatever company your serving now, or in the future.  We want to make meaningful connections with those we are serving, and are quick to listen and careful to provide advice.  Our job and motive is not to sell you a particular good but to connect the right good back to your needs.  

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