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Once you've connected with a broker, your agent will look to present you either best-fit tools for your current effort or alternatives to your current spending patterns. The process is very traditional. As an uber-VAR, Softlyze is capable of selling you virtually any software solution.  We already have or in real-time create partnerships with the required vendors in order to directly fulfill your license needs. While your agent serves your needs, the Softlyze Company has the duty to ensure sourcing and fulfillment capabilities, and ultimately once priced serve as a procurement vehicle.  Everyone knows the process of setting up new vendors isn't ideal, but once achieved, Softlyze serves as an alternative and primary vendor that can endlessly serve and source you. We hope we're the last few vendors you have to set up.

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People buy from people.  It's a proven thing and no company is ever going to let their money be released to another organization without first having vetted the integrity of the other party and the overall reliability of them to deliver.  At Softlyze we want you to know we are here to help you, person to person.  To ensure that you are adequated supported, rather than effectively sold.   This means you have a broker responding to your specific requests, or guiding you through any unknown short-comings or potential areas of value for vendor consideration.  
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We've partnered up with some of the worlds leading software companies and are continuing to align with others as part of a real-time strategic alliances effort designed to ensure you have a path to acquisition through Softlyze.  As an UberVAR, in most cases we present you pricing and work with you directly regarding the purchase of the licenses and services, but when and if appropriate we can serve also serve you purely as an intermediate broker supporting a transaction initiation effort.


Ideally, we look to remain involved, supporting you throughout your the decision making process, after which Softlyze wants to be a part of your licensing event, and we have all the processing power and capability to provide you the necessary products and parts as the vendors do directly.

Procure Technology
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Success breeds success, and having helped so many others, or possibly already helped you, we look to repeat on that success in other initiatives.  As a broker, regardless of how we had previously assisted you, we have the dynamic versatility and capability to support you broadly across other possibility unrelated needs.  We regularly support initiatives across company divisions, or conduct unrelated service's provider identification.  The option, and expectation, of supporting you in multiple transactions is a core principal of our offering, and serves as both a differentiator as well as a vital aspect of how we engage cleints.  We appreciate the chance to initially serve you, but strive and celebrate multiple transaction inclusion.
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