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Vision Statement


For over 100 years technology has changed landscapes, improved individual's lifestyles, and today we are entering into a whole new era of unprecedented change.  Through Softlyze, software purchasing has evolved, and when we look at the future of technology acquisition, we see that people are still at the center of it.


Marked by access, options, and fueled by innovation, in the future organizations will be able to get what they want, when they want it, and keep it as long as they want to have it.


The vision for Softlyze is to be every companies gateway to a vast horizon of vendor solutions, managed by people, honestly facilitating transactions.  Furthermore, it needs to be seamless, it needs to be easy, and it needs to come naturally; Engage a broker, get Assistance, Procure what you need.


This divergence of acquisition services finds Softlyze in a revolutionary and innovative position.  Focus on the client, not the product; then sell. Through this approach, Softlyze is collaboratively enabling it's customers and adding enriched value to both their vendor management and purchasing experiences.


To achieve this mission, we’ve hired some of the industries most qualified salespeople to serve as brokers, having collectively supported thousands of customers, across hundreds-of-millions in purchasing initiatives.  As individuals, they have a focus on relationships and other's success, and intend to bring that personal touch, and experience, to future customers as well.


"What essentially is a startup encompassing the software sales industry, has become a magnet for drawing talent from other world-class sales organizations - from places like Oracle, SAP, other start-ups, strategic service providers, and silicon valley.   Our creativity is limitless, and this team is focused on changing tomorrow."


But Softlyze isn't just about licensing, or technology, it's about the moments and experiences that really matter.  We want to give our customers the freedom to explore real solutions, centering around their needs, from someone honestly there to support them; leaving clients partial about their buying experience and seeking repeated purchase efforts.

"This is the most exciting time ever in the software industry:  When brokering, meets meaningful interaction, meets customer centric advisorship.  I do believe that there is a future out there where clients are the center of technology acquistion, and within the software ecosystem I have never seen a period of greater change, and hope in possibility."

- Charles Bowen | Founder & CEO


"Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." - John F. Kennedy

Vision Statement
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