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Success Standards

Your success is our success.  As without it, our model of repeated engagement isn't possible.  As such, we take every precaution to make recommednations carefully and thoughtfully, seeking to ensure the service providers we present are the best overall fit and most capable of project sucess.  Considerate of the future we make sure every purcahse is successful.  We look to make sure your purchase has a meanignful impact, as such basic viability isn't a standard we look to achieve, rather long term thrival of your solution is what we define as success, as part of our own success.



Just as important as the software selection itself, is who's going to help install it, as part of ensuring successful adoption and satisfaction.  During the purchase process your broker will help determine what business partners are the best fit and present options for selection.  As an unbiased agent we will vet potential providers including the vendor directly, as well as third-party options, and seek to address critical execution standards including provider qualifications, location, cost, availability, experience, the capability to execute, past successes, references, and personal fit.  Just like with software the choice is yours.
Partner Identification
Success Standards
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Delivery & Fullfillment

Whether you chose to have the product vendor or a third party conduct the services, our role is to be a facilitator for your success.  All the terms of engagement including purpose, scope, cost, deliverables, timelines, assumptions, pre-requisites, objectives, travel, location, personnel, and acceptance procedures will be clearly outlined in our agreements, and as your contractor we will hold the provider accountable to these execution standards.


Parallel to your software purchase Softlyze is prepared to facilitate the services engagement on our paper.  Our UberVAR status requires a smooth process to purchasing your goods, and isn't just limited to products.  As such we act as a pass-thru entity for all your services needs, working to subcontract the preferred service provider.  Essentially a general contractor for the project, we view this role as essential to our business, in making sure the client once more has the ability to leverage Softlyze support, as part of this critical phase of the software life-cycle.  
Softlyze Role
Delivery & Fulfillment


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