Engagement Options



BaaR - Reseller

Broker as a Reseller (BaaR) – Under this model your broker functions as a full-service reseller, facilitating transactions surrounding hardware, software, services, and ongoing subscriptions/support. Sourcing from Softlyze’s complex OmniChannel your broker will use their vast purchasing experience to align you with the ideal solutions necessary or ensure smooth and satisfying handling of ongoing purchases.

BaaCA - Customer Advocate

Broker as a Customer Advocate (BaaCA) - Under this model your broker functions as an advocate throughout a transaction which you don’t prefer us to resell, but instead desire assistance from an inside partner who can provide you transaction guidance, vendor support, or overall deal protection. In doing so, strictly where able, we will receive a referral/support commission of which we share the partner proceeds with your organization during future transactions.




In addition to repeat deal facilitation, your broker will now jointly assist in the management and handling of your full portfolio of solutions. Essentially, for each of your ongoing needs, your broker functions as a behind the scenes negotiator starting the renewal process as a representative of you. They will prepare and provide quarterly budget/spend planning to ensure you are properly prepped for upcoming expenses, and be ready to help complete the transaction without the need for endless sourcing or reactive and unforeseen costs.

Transaction Oriented

We assist in complex and routine transaction fulfillment, and how we work with you and your company is a matter of preference on a deal by deal basis. Please know the options above simply illustrate the possible types of engagement methods, how we serve you is up to you, and often times varies by transaction, solution, vendor, and needs.

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