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OmniVAR Explained 


In addition to brokering software Softlyze serves its clients by facilitating transactions as a Value Added Reseller of the products you need.  Unlike traditional resellers who have a narrow focus and are capable of selling only a handfull of tools, as an OmniVAR we look to both support you in an unbias capacity regarding your solution selection, and subsequently fulfill the license needs directly.
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We know you want what's best, that you want to make sure the fit is right and the ease of use and adoption are all solid from the vendors you buy from.  We know you're going to care about implementation, professional services, the roadmap, support SLAs, and have a focus on ensuring you have a seat at the buying table.  We know your influence is critical and we always make sure the decision maker feels empowered to make the decision. We will work to bring you solutions that are thoughtful, and ensure that we engage you with the right equally capable technologist from the vendors to ensure you know and are comfortable in making the right call.
Single Source Vendorship
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With so many options, how can you make the right decision?  And with so many vendors, surely there must be one that's the best?  Making decisions is all about the information you have and where you get it from.  Traditional vendors use sales representatives that while passionate, are compelled to influence and educate you using tactics that represent their interest.  Softlyze specifically focuses on your needs, and informs you transparently across multiple product lines so you aren't being sold, rather supported in your decision making efforts
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Software is always evolving, and new products emerge regularly.  Securing the necessary strategic alliances is a fundamental part of our business.  As a result, Softlyze has an ever-expanding omni-channel of goods we can support your license.  With hundreds of vendors and thousands of products we are also committed to making sure that if you need a solution not currently on our direct resales list we will work with the vendor to secure partner arrangements so we can fulfill the technology needs you have.




Buying software is a large investment.  Just like you wouldn't want to buy the wrong home or car, chosing the right vendor is important as you may be tied to this vendor for many years.  Standard purchases are highly influenced by vendors who want to earn your business employing strategic tactics including persuasion, miming, redirection, false personalities, negotiation, and bias.   Recognizing this we wanted to alter the interaction we have with people and focus on what matters most; trust, relatability, and integrity.  As an OmniVAR we strip the bias from our interaction as we are indifferent in the solution you select.  By removing this our client's know that they are getting trusted advice they can rely upon, rather than being sold by a salesman

Trust, Relatability, Integrity
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As an OmniVAR you can rest assured that we have access to sell you the software you need.  It also means that as new needs and requirements arise that rather than having to search for a new vendor and form new relationships, instead Softlyze can continue to engage you surrounding your interests and help in ways that may vary widely from previous needs.  We work with you, and all our reseller relationships were formed with you in mind.  Our omni-channel structure ensures you have they ability to engage us without fear of fulfillment.
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