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Death of a Salesman

Trust, confidence, and experience are all factors in who or where you look for support.  Sadly salespeople have continually fallen short and are no longer a desired resource for helping you make decisions.  As a result, even web searches are more valued than a human who's full-time job is to represent a solution.  This not so sudden shift is why we at Softlyze have decided you need a new advocate and resource to depend upon.  Someone in your corner and acting on your behalf that you can engage based on value to both you personally and your company.  You recoup all the trust and confidence you lost over all this time by working with a broker going forward.




Unlike other vendors, we don't have to spend our time having to constantly secure new customer relationships, or learning the bureaucracy and red tape your company may have.  Instead, due to the uniqueness of being able to sell to you repeatedly, we can and do, look to manage and support fewer customers with more broad value.  It means the quality of your interaction with us goes up, as your able to feel the benefits and attention of someone helping you, over learning how to work with you for the first time.   
Fewer Clients, More Care
Death of a Salesman
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No Quota's

If your not aware, quota's affect you and your purchase more than any other aspect of your purchase.  Salespeople, and their management are constantly looking to meet a quota to ensure job protection, and once they have, they need to exceed the mark for personal gain.  What this does is shift the mindset of every salesperson whether consciously or subconsciously to seek a close oriented mindset regardless of solution fit.  It fosters fake personalities or sales miming/caricatures, intense levels of spin, and at its worst, most deceptive, or self-serving levels, an utter disregard for client well-being.
Making matters worse are the increases in sales quotas and decreasing sales compensations packages, causing more and more desperate action by representatives.
At Softlyze, we don't have a quota on a single broker.  We have goals, performance, and conduct standards, as well as accountability expectations, but we have voluntarily chosen to eliminate a sales quota for fear of its harmful power and influence.



In today's world, the word partnership means many different things.  Often times it's overused, or stated to demonstrate an intention for goodwill between two organizations.  Unfortunately, while companies carry out that expecations, it is not always felt by and between the people whose duties are to carry out and uphold the partnership.  
Our team wants your to feel a reciprocal relationship, and the benefits of working with us.  We are focused on breaking the loop and cycle of one and done sales support apathy, or selfish motivations overtaking the goodwill between company alliances.
Mutual Value
No Quota's
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