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Software Broker 


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Software = /ˈsôf(t)wer/ noun. the programs and other operating information used by a computer  

Broker = /ˈbrōkər/ noun 1. a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others

                                  verb 1. arrange or negotiate (a settlement, deal, or plan).



A Softlyze software broker is a different kind of salesperson.  This individual often has years of past technology sales expertise and made a voluntary choice to start serving their customers, not their employer.  Our brokers work diligently to represent their clients and have the responsibility of being highly diversified sales individuals, capable of supporting a breadth of software needs.  Unlike traditional salespersons, as a broker your agent is not managed on a quota to sell his/her goods regardless of fit, or to maximize the transaction size, rather has a duty to client success that supersedes all other responsibilities.  This responsibility is a pillar for their own success, as brokers are never one and done salespeople, they look to engage their clients for consistent and repeatable success and the opportunity to engage multiple times.

What is a Software Broker

Softlyze Standards

Being a startup, means we seek the most passionate and discerning people wanting to work with us.  As a result, our standards require people who can clearly articulate their responsibilities and duties to the customer beyond the first transaction. They must understand that we are here to sell software, but not at the customer's expense.  Unlike other organizations, no transaction involves a win/lose scenario, and all purchases through Softlyze are good purchases.  Paramount is the expectations that our brokers understand that they are brokers, not salesmen, and every client and purchase effort is unique. 
Softlyze Standards
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You've heard it before but talk is cheap.  Vendors speak of partnership with their buyers, however often times they voluntarily rotate staff, forcing new relationships with individuals who don't know anything about your past.  At Softlyze, we wanted more for ourselves and our clients.  We wanted a way to better connect and to stay engaged.  We know the traps, intentions, and motives the vendors implore to lure and effectively close you and wanted to get off the hamster wheel of selling one product to the next.
As a broker, we can offer so much more assistance, and have the flexibility and freedom to tell you truthfully our opinions, and deliver you trusted recommendations and insights without the vendor bias.  We're no longer salespeople, as brokers selling is our past, not our present or future.


As brokers, we are building a book of business that's both repeatable, and reliable.  We are motivated to assist your needs, regardless of your current vendor landscape, as part of determining the best provider at each stage of our client life-cycle with you.  Furthermore, we want to make meaningful connections with those we are serving, and are quick to listen and careful to provide advice.  Our job and is not to sell you a particular good but to facilitate your needs from one software transaction to the next. 
Our Past Defines Us
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