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Vendor Involvment 


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Standard Pre-Sales

Having conducted vendor outreach and clarified your expectations, we fully rely on their involvement for any initial demo's and pre-sales involvement.  While very capable of getting answers to questions on your behalf, we seek your comfort, and to start the process of facilitating a dialogue and corresponding confidence between you and the vendor.   
In not being product specialists, we will differ any technical questions to the vendor presales aids directly, and make sure that you have access to the necessary contacts throughout your purchase experience.  We remain on your side and look to streamline and facilitate only the most appropriate vendor discussions so you don't feel like a script or narrative is what's driving your vendor interaction.



We're brokers, not isolated solution experts, we leave that to the vendors responsible for their products.  Our duty is to support you, manage your needs, and to ensure adequate vendor participation and representation from the solutions most relevant.  We work directly with the vendors, through distribution channels, that ensure vendor participation in any relevant demo's, involvement in necessary technical dialogue, and eventually traditional support & maintenance responsibilities.  While the purchase experience is vastly different, the process and fullfilment is virtually indistinguishable.  
Joint Participation
Standard Pre-Sales
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Standard Terms

Having found the right tool, we will work to make sure you sign contracts that are in line with the standard vendor language.  Should you have change request, we will have you work with the vendor directly regarding any redline events.  Thereafter once language has been decided upon we will pick up the effort to help execute the purchase exhibits and conduct invoicing on behalf of the vendor directly.  Just like other VAR's you don't have to worry that we can't serve your needs, if you have any questions about the contracting process, just ask, we can certainly help.



Every purchase we facilitate at Softlyze includes the same traditional support and service levels as you would get from the vendor directly.  While a procurement vehicle we do not ourselves directly handle, nor are we responsible, for any vendor maintenance and support obligations.  Instead, you have access to all the same resources and avilability the vendor traditionally provides, with an extra layer of contact should you experience any issues we can support you with via our channels of contact. 
Standard Support
Standard Terms
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