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It's not rocket science. Mortgage... Investment... Healthcare... SOFTWARE... Broker.


Softlyze moves the right technology from vendor to customer. We know who's best, what's a good price, and are paid through the purchase or referral of a transaction to inform and support customers surrounding all their technology purchases. Customers engage us for advice, support, and fulfillment of their ongoing IT needs. We have fun, and make money, not being tied down to one product, or having to pressure sell what we're told to push to the market

What We Do

How We Do It

It's not magic, it's just artful purchasing logistics met with a trusted confidant who understands how to guide you through your options and is an advocate in your corner.  First, we look to understand your needs, then we pair those with a brief breakdown of potentially appropriate vendors. From there we look to give you some high-level ballparks, arrange demos, and share pricing. The process for you is largely the same as with buying direct, except for the major fact that we are unbiased and truly want to sell you what's best for you.
How We Do It
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" Buyers are consumers first. And their experiences as consumers influence their B2B buying behavior. They’ve rapidly come to expect personalization, transparency and immediate fulfillment "


The journey of buying or renewing software always starts with YOU.  Before you got to this page, both your Company and Softlyze were focused on YOUR needs.  As evidence, your company either already has technology investments made in your work, or is looking to get a new solution in place.  Meanwhile, Softlyze was founded on helping you have the least disruptive and ideal purchase process for the software your seeking.  We've structured our organization around understanding how to adapt to the specifics of your needs; beginning with establishing alliances with hundreds of vendor relationships pre-emptively, all the way to aligning with highly seasoned sales agents, who truly care about customer well-being.  -- Our focus has always been, and will always be YOU.

Who It's About

It's About Connecting.

It's just what we do.  We connect buyers to prospective Software options, information, and access to tools.  As well as vendors to buyers, and their requirements.  And finally, funds of transactions from one organization to the next.  All the with the goal of making sure that we are connecting the most relevant software to the consuming individuals. 
But the biggest connection we make is the one we make with you.  As your broker, we represent your interests and needs and connect them back to what's best for you.  
It's About Connectig
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