Getting Started




Now's the time.  If your reading this, then let's connect.  It's never the wrong time, even if you're already in the middle of a POC, or direct vendor discussions, or months away from a purchase effort, let's start talking. 
As our first step, we want to simply get to know you, your role, your past, and your opinions on what's working and what's not regarding your current software landscape.  
We will want to visit in a consultative, and quick but comprehensive manner to down to business on the current status of things, and to be able to provide our support when most appropriate.  We know there is a lot going on, and given the complexity of buying software, we've made it our jobs.  It's never an inappropriate time to connect.  The sooner the better for us, as we have a lot of work to do as part of our enablement.


A big part of our job is helping you understand your options.  With Software quickly becoming a commodities market, there can literally be too many options to explore and its an impossibility to demo and decipher them all.  We will work with you in a way we can provide you awareness to only the most appropriate tools, and to help you through discovery that catered to the products most appropriate to your needs.




'Knowing is half the battle'.  Sometimes you know what you know, just need help knowing what you don't.  What the best? What’s right? What's the cost? We hear these all the time.  Getting started with Softlyze is easy. Simply reach out for contact and we will work to introduce you to a responsible broker who can meet you where you're at.  We'll look to collect some basic info about you, your role, the current technical landscape, interest areas or pain points on your current technology stack and back our way into an exploration effort centered on helping provide you options. 


Throughout the purchase process, we want to make sure you have all the control you need and that you are the center of the purchase effort.  We will work to give you whatever support you need and to ensure you have the necessary assets to make your decision.  

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