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Softlyze Announces Two World’s Firsts: ‘Software Brokering’ and the ‘UberVAR’

Enterprise software purchasing is evolving.  Softlyze, LLC introduces a market first approach to software acquisition; focus on the customer, not the product, then sell.

Dallas, Texas -- June 5, 2019


Softlyze is disrupting the traditional vendor-customer relationship model, by creating a revolutionary new engagement path for software transactions through the origin of enterprise software brokers.  The historically valuable broker position, yet radically new twist on enterprise level purchasing, bring's the customer’s needs and interests to the forefront of licensing initiatives, and allows for unbiased third-party assistance as a compliment to the client decision-making process.

As software brokers, each Softlyze account executive is a strategic advisor who acts as an intermediary facilitating the customer's investigation, selection, and acquisition of the ideal solution.  This approach shifts the sales engagement mindset by ensuring the customer has an objective advocate focused on their overall well-being and enables transparent solution recommendation surrounding companies critical exploration and discovery efforts.    


With careers including complex transaction history, and a motivation to enrich the buyer experience, Softlyze brokers also carry a broad versatility facilitating customer needs, and the adaptability to support organizations surrounding net-new purchases, as well as with maintenance/subscription renewals, implementation, or other project related services.

“What essentially is a startup encompassing the software sales industry, Softlyze has become a magnet for drawing talent from other world-class sales organizations,” said Charles Bowen, Founder and CEO of Softlyze. “Our elite software brokers have supported many hundreds of customers, facilitating millions in purchasing initiatives.  As individuals, they have a focus on relationships and client success, and Softlyze intends to leverage that personal touch, as part of evoking a preferred purchasing experience, leaving buyers partial, and seeking repeated transaction assistance”.

Additionally, as the first ever ‘UberVAR’, in order to fulfill relevant customer recommendations, Softlyze has proactively established an ever-expanding omni-channel with over 250 strategic vendor alliances, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SAS, and more.  Customers can be confident that their broker will provide them a variety of options based on their specific needs and if necessary will secure additional specialized partnerships in real-time.  

“We coined the term ‘UberVAR’ as a way to communicate that we currently have access to about 95% of all enterprise technology in the world,” said Stephen Burd, Enterprise Sales Manager, “and if we don’t have access to what interests you presently, we’ll create the necessary partnerships”.

Through the forward-looking vantage point of buyer enablement, Softlyze operates around four core principles; ‘engage a broker, get assistance, procure technology, repeat’.  This innovative engagement model ensures that a customer feels empowered by a unique and objective software agent, and forges a success-oriented relationship meant to endure well beyond a single transaction.    

"This is the most exciting time ever in the software industry: when brokering, meets meaningful interaction, meets customer centric advisorship.  I do believe that there is a future out there where clients are the center of technology acquisition, and within the software ecosystem I have never seen a period of greater change, and hope in possibility." - Charles Bowen

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