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The Broker - Week of August 19 - Issue No. 5

Wow! The Broker is five issues old. Our news roundup is powered by our Partners and their moves in the market. Here are the latest updates from our Partners.

Signature News on Competitor Alliances

As more companies, in every industry, become software companies, the software companies are finding more innovative ways to stay competitive.

Pioneering digital transformation, some of the most successful cloud companies are focusing on customer experience. Whether personalization at every level, from customer to stakeholder, or tools, such as ‘apps’ that allow ease in adaptation, these companies are moving to keep up with their customers.

Another interesting adaptation for success is the welcomed partnerships between competitors. No longer willing to jump through the hoops of exclusivity, customers are requiring software companies, who are natural competitors, to work together. Cloud customers often use multiple vendors, and these vendors are beginning to partner to remain competitive, giving ease to their customer’s experience

Partner Updates

Microsoft Cloud Revenue as Big as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, IBM Combined

Microsoft had an $11 billion quarterly cloud revenue. That’s a total matching Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and IBM combined. Why is that? Why is Microsoft Azure the overwhelming dominate cloud service provider? According to Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, the success is a result of working along side their customers, building digital capacity, and innovating with them every day.

As a leader in technology, Microsoft utilizes AL, ML, along with new apps, for cybersecurity and reliability. As a leader in go-to-market, Microsoft gives customers the tools, and capabilities to create software themselves, creating opportunity for customers to create solutions around Azure, and sell these solutions to other businesses. As a leader in industry partnerships, Microsoft is working with SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, and AT&T. Microsoft isn’t talking about their code, they’re talking about the businesses they serve. It’s a perception that is definitely paying off.

Microsoft-Oracle Shocker: Customers Win as #1 and #6 Vendors Pair Up

The Microsoft-Oracle partnership might have stunned, but to the benefit of customers and both companies. Both Microsoft and Oracle support the many essential multi-cloud components. So, why partner? Microsoft now has the ability to pair up around the world’s leading data-management product and technology and its related pieces. Oracle is now able to accelerate the growth of its cloud business, portraying itself as a partner. Possibly a trend in cloud competition, SAP, Google, and Accenture are also either already making, expressing interest in, or creating and enhancing partnerships. As customers prefer multi-cloud, partnerships, like the Microsoft-Oracle deal, can help solve the issues IT has been expected to overcome, putting together pieces that don't always fit well, and direct focus from products to company growth.

At a Glance

Kudos. An onboarding process for new employees is key to employee retention, which is valued for company productivity and profitability. Considering that the standard 1-3 month probationary period tends to serve inadequately, with some of the best employees leaving the company and many others unlikely to recommend their place of work as an employer to others, there are ways for improvement. Beginning the onboarding process before the first day and extending it through to many months past the standard three, assigning new hires a buddy, automating paperwork, and shifting the perspective from what the company wants from the employee to what the employee needs to succeed are simple ways to improve this process. Kudos helps companies gain insight by measuring this process, with the company and the employee.

VMWare. For leading public cloud providers, VMWare is the preferred partner in hybrid-cloud, and migrating enterprise workloads. According to VMware Chief Technology Officer Ray O’Farrell, moving to virtualization is improving agility. A flexible software model brings advantages, such as the abilities to update and modify.

Announcing New Partners

Park Place Technologies

Reliant Technologies

Carbon Black



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credit - Bob Evan IT CloudWars


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