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The Broker - Week of December 2 - Issue No. 9

Credit: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Issue nine of The Broker continues to explore the latest moves in the market, and updates from our Partners.

Automation, save time and improve accuracy

Increased usage of IoT, AI, and ML, as development expands and operations include, exhibits the unique roles for human and machine. Processing information in nanoseconds, or executing billions of operations every second, machines, with an ever increasing fine-tuning of automation, save time and improve accuracy. Humans, developing, monitoring, and using these machines, consider subtleties and biases, while providing feedback and crosschecking each other.

Is open source best? Can blockchain provide solutions? How many loose ends are forgotten with systems managed manually? Maybe, there’s a software to answer these questions, maybe there are many. Maybe, a human, who perceives nuances in specific situations, can discern best solutions provided by machines.

Where can the time, reclaimed by automation, be spent?


Inherently collaborative and respectful, DevOps and DevSecOps, bring a blame-free culture, supporting continuous improvements.

Possibly a more holistic approach, development not only innovates with time saving and mistake inhibiting automation, but also identifying risks, and preparing for operation and maintenance needs.

There is also the application of micro-services, which responds to specific issues, as opposed to complete system overhaul, while keeping the collaboration across departments. Continuous Integration (CI), with more frequent releases, can be used as a platform for micro-services, enhancing the shorter build, test, and deploy cycle.

These developments bring accessibility to analytics. More affordable, and with increasing frequency, businesses are able to analyze data, and improve the tools that increase responsibility to consumer behavior, effecting deliverable competitive differentiation.

It might be necessary to consider the fluctuations in application usage across departments. Communication has more potential for ease, and frequency when these tools are synchronized.


With the amount of data generating at ever higher rates, processing this data, whether credit checks, or insurance requirements, can feel insurmountable to the employee who previously could process this information by hand, in realistic timelines. Although, with artificial intelligence and machine learning, robots are now able to enhance efficiency and improve accuracy, responding to this ever increasing workload.

“Any modern application has to deal with data: the variety of data, the velocity with which data is being accumulated, and the sheer volume.” Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Microsoft offers Azure Hyperscale Limitless Data Estate, and Oracle offers Autonomous Database, both responding to workload demands and time-consuming management tasks. Although, hybrid is an increasing cloud trend.

A detailed assessment of the current environment, including operating systems, hardware, storage and database, server management, and facilities, as well as licensing structures, and commercial terms, can present solutions to increasing complexities, possibly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and improve to the bottom line.

Partner Updates

Dell - Dell Reconnect, in partnership with Goodwill Industries, provides free technology recycling in the US, since 2004. The program accepts computer equipment, of any brand or condition, at more than 2,000 locations. The Asset Resale and Recycling Services, for business customers, provides pick-up logistics, data protection, and responsible retirement of hardware, including reporting of the journey to final disposition. Dell has also partnered with Carbon Conversions to reclaim aerospace material, specifically carbon fiber, used in fabrication of a commercial notebook, Latitude.

Intel - Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute cluster, running on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, released benchmark results on 100TB data, as compared to previous records of 10TB and 30TB data performances. Also, James J Goetz is the newest elected member of Intel’s board of directors. Goetz has held active roles with Sequoia Capital, VitalSigns Software, Bay Networks, among others, including board member for Palo Alto Networks Inc, since 2004.

HPE - HPE container platform, using Blue Data Software for container management and open source Kubernetes for container orchestration, will be offered with services and consulting in early 2020. The container platform is 100% open-source, and able to run across multiple environments. Also, bringing together high performance computing and artificial intelligence, Hewlett Packard Enterprise paid $35.00 a share, in acquiring Cray Inc, valuing at approximately $1.4 billion.

McAfee - Enabling a consistent user experience, by protecting cloud usage from varied sources (ex. corporate device, smartphone in multiple networks, or personal device from a home workplace), McAffee introduced Unified Cloud Edge, bringing together MVISION Cloud, Web Gateway and Data Loss Prevention, within the MVISION ePO platform.

Kaspersky - Kaspersky, using more than 50 honeypots, which mimic IoT devices, detected 105 million cyber attacks, on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, worldwide, between January and June, 2019. This is a significant increase, compared to 12 million attacks between January and June, 2018.

Sophos - Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm, purchased Sophos, a leader in cyber security, for $3.9 billion.

Erwin - Bringing a thorough understanding of strategy, assets, technology, capabilities, and applications, Erwin Enterprise Architecture assists with many aspects, of growing complexity, to identify risk and opportunity, and to create technology roadmaps, for the enterprise.

DataCore - Actionable insight uses data predictively, uncovering the solution along with the problem. Also, a great use for software defined storage, and storage resources, is healthcare’s increasing challenges of allowing customers varied accessibility of data, safely and to scale.


The world’s first software broker and Omni-VAR, Softlyze supports its clients as an unbiased, intermediary, advocate, and reseller, surrounding the entire software purchasing life cycle. We operate under the principles of Engage, Assist. Procure, Repeat. 


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