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The Broker - Week of September 2 - Issue No. 6

Wow! The Broker is six issues old. Our news roundup is powered by our Partners and their moves in the market. Here are the latest updates from our Partners.

Signature News on Competitor Alliances

Tuesday, September 3rd marks the start of Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit 2019. The Softlyze team is already there, excited for the opportunity to bring value to our clients and potential clients, and immersed in a place of connection and learning.

Partner Updates

Cloud Revenue Surging to $158 Billion for Top 10 Vendors in 2019

Cloud revenue for 2019 continues to push boundaries and expectations. Although, the potential for the cloud market in the future dwarfs our current experience. Replacing on-premise systems with cloud services isn’t just a one to one swap. In using cloud technology, businesses are discovering possibilities in flexibility, and use of mobile and social technology. And, then there’s data. According to Bob Evans, Cloud Wars, 2019 will bring Microsoft and Amazon a combined revenue of $80 billion. Including Red Hat, IBM is expected to bring in $21 billion, and Google $9 billion. Totaling Evans’ top ten cloud vendors, he predicts a $158 billion in cloud revenue for this year. And, this industry is still in it’s early stages.

How Workday Helps Walmart Modernize Employee Engagement: the New HCM

HR cloud adoption is in it’s early stages of a journey that is expanding traditional concepts of HCM. Workday cofounder and CEO, Aneel Bhusri, sight Coca-Cola, Amazon, and the more recent developments with Walmart as examples of digital transformation making employee engagement vital to organizations. Walmart, specifically, is using the Workaday platform for engagement, as a solution to high turnover and missing email addresses. It’s modernizing the way employer, and employee work together. With the use of AI and ML, engagement is in real time and personable, which is expanding HCM to include performance management, recruiting, learning, and health and wellness. “There’d always been a 2:1 ratio in TAM between Financials and HR, where the market for Financials was twice as big as the one for HR. But now I think it’s 1:1,” said Bhusri.

Salesforce vs. SAP: Who Will Lead the Customer-Experience Revolution?

Salesforce hit it’s first $4 billion quarter, to the whole companies overwhelming enthusiasm. IDC predicts $1.18 trillion in digital transformation spending this year, at which Salesforce is the center of this shift, according to cofounder and co-CEO Marc Benioff. With Customer 360, Salesforce is addressing every company's focus on the customer. “Everyone and everything is getting connected,” said Benioff on an August 22nd earnings call. SAP might challenge Salesforce’s leadership intentions with customer-facing CRM apps that include data, and insights from their ERP apps. With this ERP presence, CEO Bill McDermott expects an edge in CRM. Salesforce bought MuleSoft. SAP acquired Qualtrics. There are more opportunities here than connecting businesses with their customers. What is possible is a more detailed description of the customer, so businesses are more able to fine tune around specifics of what customers actually want.

At a Glance

Gartner. Gartner supports a broad spectrum across the enterprise, from HR to IT to Supply Chain, Legal, Marketing, Finance and more. They provide the best information for insightful decision making. Using research, data, problem-solving methodologies, and hands-on experience, IT leaders are able to improve performance, reduce risk, and optimize ROI. “Clients apply our insights, advice and tools to fuel the vision, decisions and actions that drive successful outcomes.”

Extreme Networks. Customer-Driven Networking, according to Extreme Networks, not only pushes networking technology to be more agile and secure, it strengthens relationships and expands networks. With customers in different industries, Extreme Networks brings agility helping operations transform digitally. In their commitment to 30,000 customers around the world, including over half of the Fortune 50, they build “networks that drive competitive advantage, accelerate innovation, and improve the human experience”.

Naked Security. On August 23, Naked Security alerted that Cisco is addressing 31 security fixes, including 4 rated as critical. Authentication bypass vulnerabilities, from remote access, affect 3 of the 4 critical fixes: UCS Director and Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data; IMC Supervisor, Cisco UCS Director, and Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data; Integrated Management Controller Supervisor, Cisco UCS Director, and Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data. The 4th critical fix affects the Integrated Management Controller Supervisor, Cisco UCS Director, and Cisco UCS Director Express for Big Data. An attacker could get full read/write access.

Sage. Digital transformation in supply chain enhances traceability, and brings together aspects of the industry. With Britex and USMCA uncertainty, process businesses are facing this added complexity with new technology. Iot, big data analytics, and the cloud can significantly enhance traceability, with real-time visibility. A competitive advantage is certainly possible with new technology in supply chain management.


The world’s first software broker and Uber-VAR, Softlyze supports its clients as an unbiased .intermediary, advocate, and reseller surrounding the entire software purchasing lifecycle. We operate under the principles of Engage, Assist. Procure, Repeat. 

credit - Bob Evan IT CloudWars


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