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The Broker - Week of October 7 - Issue No. 8

Issue eight of The Broker continues to explore the latest moves in the market, and updates from our Partners.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, credit: Google Cloud

Signature News on Competitor Alliances

Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian continues to focus on customer experience. Salesfoce CMO, Stephanie Buscemi announces a marketing focus of “We bring companies and customers together.” Oracle partners with Microsoft. Is there a growing shift towards customer centric cloud?

Parter Updates

Kurian Continues Google Cloud's Customer Centric Focus

As Thomas Kurian approaches one year, this November, as Google Clouds’ CEO, there is an emphasis on customer experience. With a new customer empathy, Google Cloud will meet the customer where they are, and not expect them to do things the way that Google feels is best. Anthos supports multi and hybrid cloud, utilizing Google’s advanced security. Partnering with VMware addresses the priority to get workloads up, and running in the cloud. Providing a centralized place for billing and management for Elasticsearch and MongoDB, among others, shows Kurian’s plan to partner with open source as well. And, Q2 revenue for Google Cloud surpasses $2 billion, illustrating the success of this customer centric focus.

Salesforce Wants the World to Better Understand What it Does

Salesforce is refocusing is marketing to reflect the customer’s preference to connect directly with companies. B2B, and B2C are now B2B2C. In a blog post, dated September 1, 2019, Salesforce CMO, Stephanie Buscemi said, “today, I’m excited to announce our new global campaign to help the world better understand what Salesforce does: We Bring Companies and Customers Together.” This includes their status as the #1 customer relationship management platform, and a learning platform that provides access to skills that lead to great jobs.

Larry Ellison Expects Extraordinary

It is now possible to use the Oracle Autonomous Database with Microsoft Analytics, something inconceivable a year ago. At Oracle’s Open World, Larry Ellison, Oracle founder spoke praise of the competitor, and the new partnership between Oracle and Microsoft.

Oracle CEO, Safra Catz expects a substantial demand for Autonomous Database, saying “The reality is that most of our customers have been waiting for us. They’ve not yet brought those critical, large, and security-conscious workloads to the cloud so far”, and “they didn’t bring [those mission-critical workloads] to the other vendors.”

The Oracle stack is now embedded with machine learning, making recommendations across industries, in various levels of complex systems, which benefits users of the SaaS applications.

Elevate is a collaboration between Oracle and Deloite, helping customers migrate and manage workloads.

With all this, Oracle is not forecasting growth, because it is “so extraordinary”.

*Ellison, and Cats quotes credit Cloud Wars, Bob Evans

David Smoley Leaves AstraZenica for Apple

David Smoley is leaving his CIO position at AstraZeneca Plc for a vice president role at Apple, Inc. Although his experience is in pharmaceutical, he will not be focusing on health care, as Apple continues to grow in the industry. As one of about 100 vice presidents, Smoley will report to CIO Mary Demby.

At a Glance

Extreme Networks - There are more than 10 million IoT devices in use around the world. What are the data potentials, and implications to this growing usage? How can an autonomous enterprise, combining IoT and AI, improve user-end experience?

Intel - When enterprise needs larger, faster storage Intel has Optane and NAND, both scheduled or expected for 2020 release. Also, Intel plans to work closely with Alibaba Cloud as innovators for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Naked Security - IBM has a new quantum computer that will be offered as a cloud service. Located in the Quantum Computation Center, the new 53-quantum bit device could offer parallel calculations considered unfeasible, making encryption easier to crack.

Dell - Using computing power, AI, and 5G, Dell is continuing its focus on customer experience with Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspace.

Announcing New Partners

  • Grand View Corporation

  • Sneider Electronics


  • Forms on Fire


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