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The Broker - Week of July 29 - Issue No. 4

Wow! The Broker is four issues old. Our news roundup is powered by our Partners and their moves in the market. Here are the latest updates from our Partners.

Signature News from on Amazon from Cloud Wars

Looking to extend its cloud leadership beyond the IaaS category it created and dominates, Amazon’s AWS unit disclosed big customer wins and new advanced services in the explosive categories of machine learning and blockchain.

In disclosing Q2 financial results late last week, Amazon pounded home its advances in machine learning and blockchain during earnings-call commentary from CFO Brian Olsavsky and also in accompanying slides and press-release material.

With AWS revenue up an impressive 37% in the quarter to $8.38 billion, the company clearly intended to flag its rapidly advancing capabilities in machine learning to demonstrate its ongoing innovation.

Partner Updates

New payment systems for better customer experience mean a balancing act for financial institutions

The range of potential payment services has expanded rapidly over the last few years. Increasingly, we all want the flexibility of being able to pay with new payment methods, from contactless through to Apple Pay, mobile wallets and beyond. Digital natives, such as millennials, don’t just want this – they expect it. For banks, however, this demand for flexibility is a headache.

Banks and other financial institutions know that they have to adopt new payment methods to meet customer demand for convenience and flexibility.

However, they also know that these new payment systems leave them open to new forms of fraud. The big question is how can they adapt to these new fraud types – to protect both themselves and customers – without creating poor customer experiences through large numbers of false positives?

Check Point's 2019 Security Report

The cyber threat landscape is evolving and in 2018 it was evident how quickly threat actors improved their cyber weapons and adapted their attacks to emerging technologies.

In the 2019 Security Report  Check Point reviews the latest threats facing organizations in the fifth generation of the cyber landscape, and provide you with our observations and insights for the coming year.

At A Glance

Symantec. As companies embrace cloud computing, most struggle to keep pace with the increasingly complex environment and an expanding attack surface that challenges long-standing security conventions.

The sheer volume of devices, applications, and users working in the cloud creates an ecosystem that is far too complex and high-volume to be safeguarded by human security analysts. Companies need to bolster their security teams and practices with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in order to have the best chance at maintaining visibility, mitigating risk and optimizing for their most precious resource: human analysts.

HP Enterprise. Cloud based predictive analytics platforms are a relatively new phenomenon, and they go far beyond the remote monitoring systems of a prior generation.

Three key features differentiate cloud-based predictive analytics — data sharing, scope of monitoring, and use of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to drive autonomous operations.

Announcing New Partners


The world’s first software broker and Uber-VAR, Softlyze supports its clients as an unbiased intermediary, advocate, and reseller surrounding the entire software purchasing lifecycle. We operate under the principles of Engage, Assist. Procure, Repeat. 

credit - Bob Evan IT CloudWars


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