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The Broker - Week of June 30 - Issue No. 2

Welcome to our second edition of The Broker, Softlyze's news roundup powered by our Partners and their moves in the market.

Here, you can hear all about the cool things our Partners are doing and get tips on how to optimize your business operations with their products and services.

Let's start with news from the one of the biggest tech conferences.

Signature News from Speakap

Speakap recently published a new video explaining how you could use their service to better connect your workforce.

Reaching all your employees with the relevant information they need to perform at their best is easier said than done, especially those at the frontline of your business who don’t have a company computer, phone, or email address.

Watch this new video to learn how you can connect all your employees with Speakap.

Partner Updates

Future of Work Trends for 2019 from Dell and IDC

“Future of Work” as described by IDC is an evolutionary journey of how emerging technologies and demographic changes are impacting the way work is done. To boost productivity and foster innovation, companies are moving towards empowering employees with new technologies, offering them more choices and even embracing new office designs, all in the hopes for better talent attraction and retention.  At Dell, the impact of technology and how it boosts productivity and innovation have always been at our roots. more

ClickShare's New (free) Way to Collaborate

ClickShare is offering a new way for you to connect your entire employee base to ClickShare at no extra cost to you. With the new, free desktop ClickShare app, your computer will automatically detect your ClickShare system. Then simply tap the virtual button on the screen to start sharing instantly. It’s just another reason to love ClickShare. more

At A Glance

Radware.While C-suite executives are taking on larger roles in proactively discussing cybersecurity issues, they are also evaluating how to leverage advances in technology to improve business agility. But as network architectures get more complex, there is added pressure to secure new points of attack vulnerability.

Organizations continue to host applications and data in the public cloud, typically spread across multiple cloud providers. This multicloud approach enables enterprises to be nimbler with network operations, improve the customer experience and reduce costs. more

Salesforce. So, you’re ready to start social selling. For ease of example, let’s say that you’ve noticed that many of your sales prospects interact on LinkedIn (a platform that — conveniently — has a social selling index to gauge your efforts). And, you’ve already done the groundwork and optimized your profile to reflect both work history and your current role, but have kept the sales language to a minimum. You know that your profile is in good shape because your sister/ neighbor/ colleague on the editorial team has read it, so it is both grammatically correct and doesn’t include any hard sells. The next step is to research and follow both prospects and leaders in this community and, if appropriate, join the LinkedIn groups where they congregate.

Now, you’re wondering, what type of content should you share on the platform to get the ball rolling?

SAP. Over time we all got used to the concept of search and search engines. By now we already know that the searches we run are not random – especially when it is work-related. These searches are usually derived from our role and daily tasks, and focused in certain area. For example, we can expect buyers to search frequently across purchasing documents and suppliers records. To increase efficiency for frequent and similar searches, SAP Business One enables you to define search templates for the enterprise search. more

Oracle. Since the beginning of the cloud IT era, there’s been talk of hybrid and multicloud deployment. For the most part, however, it’s been just talk. Oracle is excited to announce an alliance with Microsoft that makes multicloud a reality and allows enterprises to build, migrate, and manage solutions that span clouds with ease. more

Announcing New Partners


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